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JourneyOps Helsinki

About the event

On January 30th, over 100 visionaries gathered for an unparalleled day of insights and inspiration at our inaugural JourneyOps event. Featuring keynotes and a panel of CX experts, this event set the stage for the future of customer journey management.

Keynote presentations

Leading journey mapping strategically and operationally

Heidi Ettanen, Head of Design Ops, H&M 

Karolina Boremalm, Head of Experience Design, H&M

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Leveraging insights to drive value with journey management

Olga Kullander, Insights and analytics, Polestar

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Mastering customer-centricity with journey management

Esa Nettamo, Founder of JourneyOps & Spark Design

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Journey-Ops: Stories of failure and success

Adalgisa Santos, Service Design Expert & Competence Lead, KONE

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Customer journeys that can't be ignored

Sérgio Tavares, Service Design Lead, F-Secure

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Illuminate your path! How to switch on a continuous customer discovery for journey excellence

Viller Österlund, Founder and CEO, LeanLab

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Journeys at the heart of management

Martin Palamarz, Co-Founder, TheyDo

JourneyOps Stockholm May 29th, 2024

Event in photos

Our presenters

Our JourneyOps Stockholm event featured an exceptional lineup of speakers who shared their expertise on various aspects of customer journey management. Each presenter brought unique insights and practical knowledge, making the event both enriching and inspiring. Here's a look at the incredible individuals who made this event unforgettable:

Marion Boberg presenting at JourneyOps Helsinki event on 30th of January

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People taking photos of the presentation at JourneyOps Helsinki event

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