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The birth of JourneyOps sparked from a profound realisation: organisations struggle to execute the visionary customer experience strategies that we co-innovate with them. There's a significant gap between strategic vision and its actual implementation. To succeed, the organisation needs to transform into a customer-centric entity. JourneyOps is a platform for individuals and organisations to share and learn from each other how to succeed in customer-centricity with the help of customer journey management.

 Esa Nettamo 

Founder of JourneyOps



Our mission is to illuminate the path towards customer-centricity. We believe that understanding and managing the customer journey is not just a strategy but a cornerstone of successful business operations. Our platform serves as a beacon of thought leadership, where insights, trends, and real-world experiences converge, empowering organisations to elevate their customer engagement to new heights.



Our vision is to create a world where every organization, regardless of its size or sector, places the customer journey at the core of its strategy, operations, and culture. We strive to be the catalyst for this change, offering a platform that not only educates but also inspires and empowers businesses to innovate and excel in creating meaningful customer experiences. Through our efforts, we aim to foster an environment where the principles of customer-centricity drive growth, satisfaction, and loyalty, making the customer's voice the loudest in every room. This is our vision: a future where businesses thrive by doing right by their customers, transforming the marketplace into a community of mutual success and enduring relationships

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